TXA Site Sharing Requirements

Establish Your Requirements

To enable TX Australia (TXA) to consider your application to share a TXA managed site we will require the following information:

  • The minimum and maximum height required for your equipment to transmit
  • The number and type of antenna locations you require
  • The type of transmission equipment you will require
  • Shelter - TXA shared or supply of own
  • The type of power source you will use - dedicated supply or share with TXA and passed through

Nominate a TXA Site

TXA has a number of sites throughout Australia in the mainland capital cities which can be identified from the Digital Content Delivery / TXA Metropolitan Sites directory.

Apply for aperture at a TXA Site

To apply for TXA's consideration of your requirements please complete and submit the Site Sharing Application Form which can be found in the Access Seeker / Site Sharing Applications.

Negotiate Commercial Terms

Subject to your application we will respond with our commercial terms, which will take into consideration: 

  • equipment you are proposing to install
  • availability of aperture
  • availability of reserved area

Installing your Equipment

Work Health and Safety Compliance: TXA requires all parties entering or working at its sites to adhere to TXA’s Work Health and Safety Management System.  As part of this, you will need to supply a detailed Design and Construction pack for approval, which includes:

  • a detailed scope of works 
  • technical and mechanical specifications of the equipment being installed
  • JSAs / SWMS
  • a structural assessment
  • an EME assessment
  • any required planning approvals
  • ACMA licences 

Insurance: It is important that before you commence any installation activities on a TXA site that you supply current certificates of currency of insurance which must remain in place effect throughout the duration of your occupation at the site for the protection of all parties.

  • These insurances include:
  • Public and Products Liability
  • Insurance of your installed equipment
  • Workers Compensation Insurance

As Built documentation

As Built documentation, including photographs of the installation need to be submitted following completion.


Accessing a TXA Site

Site specific access protocols will be issued on an as required basis.  However, for general information on TXA’s National Site Access Protocol Guidelines please select from the following links:

Download Site Access Protocol (pdf)   Download Site Access Protocol (MS Word - Editable)  

Download Guide for Contractors (pdf)   Download Guide for Contractors (MS Word - Editable)

To view locations of all TXA metropolitan sites select from SydneyMelbourneBrisbane, Adelaide or Perth.


Site Sharing Application