TXA’s Responsibilities

TX Australia Pty Limited (TXA) is responsible for the operation and maintenance of digital broadcast transmission and the commercial development of transmission and re-transmission facilities in the five mainland metropolitan cities of Australia.

Current Job Opportunities

There are presently no advertised job opportunities available at TXA.  However, please note the Applications section below on how to lodge a TXA career enquiry and submit your resume.


Broadcast Technical Officers

As a growing team of professional staff dedicated to providing excellent levels of service and responsiveness we are always interested to hear from applicants who wish to be actively involved with the technical operation and maintenance of digital broadcast transmission services.

Key Competencies to be a successful member of TXA’s Technical Team

Applicants should ideally have had hands on experience, maintaining, installing and repairing (to component level) digital television and FM radio equipment, with a sound knowledge and understanding of engineering principles associated with antenna systems, broadcast transmitters and broadcast control systems being highly desirable.

Experience in satellite equipment, CAD drawing capabilities and a desire to undertake further training are desirable qualities.


Technical qualifications relevant to RF broadcast engineering and communications skills, with a current full driver’s licence are essential.


Similarly, we are interested to hear from capable and enthusiastic people who have a genuine desire to learn skills in the above areas, particularly those who are already enrolled in or are willing to undertake appropriate industry training courses whilst working for us. 


To learn more about TXA and the positions that may be available within our dedicated team please submit your enquiry and application via the Enquiry Form in the Contact Us section of this website along with a copy of your resume.

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